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We are a pet shop specialising in purebred and crossbred puppies. All our puppies are bred and raised ethically and come from healthy parents. As per RSPCA guidelines, every puppy in our shop is DNA tested, health checked, microchipped, and vaccinated. Since all our puppies are fully healthy, we offer 1-year genetic health guarantee whether you want to buy poodle puppy or any other breed available at our shop.

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  • “I got two black westiepoo puppies from My Cheeky Paws and they’re the pups ever! I’m generally scared of buying from pet shops because of possible health issues in puppies, but My Cheeky Paws are completely transparent to their customers and answered all my questions with documented proof.”
    Jennifer Lee
  • “It’s hard choosing a single puppy from My Cheeky Paws because all their puppies (mini dachshund puppies) look so happy, playful, and healthy. I got a dachshund, Sheldon, who is so loving towards my entire family. I don’t even have to worry about any immediate vet appointments because he’s already vaccinated and microchipped!”
    Kevin Perry
  • “I’m so satisfied with my purchase of this super-cute Pomeranian from My Cheeky Paws. She quickly adjusted in my home and my kids absolutely adore her! Of course I had no second thoughts before buying her thanks to the 1-year health guarantee that My Cheeky Paws provided for my puppy.”
    Sara Wright