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About me

My parents are: Toy poodle x Toy Cavoodle
I was born on: 22/02/2021
My size is: Toy
I weigh about: 4-5.5 kgs
I will grow to: 35 cm
My fur colour: Apricot with white
My gender is: Male
This is my microchip #: 991003001100030
My temperament & characteristics: Playful, calm and love hugs.

Cross breed – Cavalier King Charles x Poodle (Toy size or Miniature)

*Cross bred to reduce health issues present in both pure breed of both parents*

If you are looking for a companion, whether it be for your family or yourself, Cavoodles are no doubt a great choice.

A definite characteristic of the Cavoodle is its gentle nature and friendly behaviour, especially with children.

The majority of Cavoodles are sociable and easy going since both of it’s parents have such characteristics.

They are also hypoallergenic which means low shed, which is great for allergy sufferers.

Cavoodles are extremely intelligent and adore human companionship, however, they are best suited for small homes/apartments with small or no yard.

They do not require much exercise, yet they will definitely benefit from a walk.

They do not compromise loyalty and highly value their bond and human companions.

Cavoodles are pack animals and consider their family as a pack which can make them become in some cases overly protective.

They will always be by their owner’s side.

Benefits of the Cavoodle:

–       Hypoallergenic

–       Great with children (Important to teach children to treat them like a pet and not a toy)

–       Gentle nature

–       Affectionate

–       Obedient

–       Trainable

–       Eager to learn new commands/tricks

–       Doesn’t require much exercise

–       Loves to stay in the company of family

–       Bonds well with other pets

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