About me

My parents are: Toy poodle x Shitzu
I was born on: 09/02/2021
My size is: Toy
I weigh about: 4-6 kgs
I will grow to: 28 cm
My fur colour: Brown sable
My gender is: Male
This is my microchip #: 991003001046520
My temperament & characteristics: Cheeky, social and energetic

Cross breed – Shih Tzu x Toy Poodle


Shoodles are a fun, loving and energetic little designer dog that loves to run and play games with their owners, such as chase.

They are little balls of energy always looking for an opportunity to explode with fun!


This crossbreed makes a great companion for families who live in apartments or have large backyards in the suburbs as well as allergy sufferers as they are hypoallergenic, meaning, low shed.


They are quite adaptable to a variety of living situations and will find ways to burn off their energy just about anywhere!


Shoodles have a way of cheering people up with their funny personality, these pups have a magnetic personality that will pull in people of all ages.


Their loyal, sweet and funny nature make them the ideal companions for any age but especially for retirees looking for a small four-legged friend to spend their golden years with.


Benefits of the Shoodle:


–       Hypoallergenic

–       Fun

–       Funny personality

–       Can make any one smile/laugh when they are around

–       Loving

–       Loyal

–       Energetic

–       Adaptable for living arrangements

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